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Important Informatica MDM Interview Questions and Answers - Part IV

Are you looking for the Informatica MDM interview questions and answers? Are you also looking for an explanation for various concepts in MDM? If yes, then refer to this article where we have explained various MDM concepts in the form of interview questions and answers. This article will be helpful for the Informatica MDM interview. In this article, we will focus on questions and answers about Cleanse function in the Informatica MDM.

Q1: What is the use of cleanse function in MDM?

Answer: Informatica MDM hub is used for data enrichment and consolidation. In order to perform data enrichment, it has to go through cleansing and standardization. Cleansing is a process through source data is cleansed for nuisance characters or words, invalid data or repeated words. Cleansing also helps to achieve standardization e.g. converting Limited, Ltd.,  Lmtd,  Lt to standard work LTD etc.
In Informatica MDM hub, cleansing is achieved during stage process while moving data from the landing table to the staging table. We need to install and configure cleanse engine before running stage job.

Q2: What are the cleanse functions you have used your projects so are?

Answer: This is one of the common questions get asked during the Informatica MDM interview. 
  1. In order to achieve data cleansing we normally use inbuild cleanse functions such as Concatenation,  Trim, Uppercase, regular expression.
  2. For complex operation where IF-ELSE conditions need to be handled then we use graph function. We also use Cleanse List function to achieve cleansing and standardization.
  3. There are several scenarios where inbuild cleanse function do not satisfy the business requirement in such case we build the custom Java Cleanse function. e.g. determining the length of String, Determine the index of the character in the given String.
The video below explains how to develop custom Java cleanse function.

Q3: How to read the database using cleanse function?

Answer: Read database function is used to perform the lookup and get values from the database table. While using read database cleanse function we need to connect to the database by passing table name and column name on which we need to perform the lookup. 

Normally, Read database cleanse function is used if we need to populate values in staging table by reading database table.

Q4: What is the Graph Cleanse function and how to create it?

Answer: MDM hub comes with various types of inbuilt cleanse function such as Data Conversion, General Processing, Geographic, Logic Functions, Math Functions, Misc Functions, Noise Functions, and String Functions. However, there are some business scenarios where these inbuilt functions do not meet the requirements. 

          In such cases, we can combine inbuilt cleanse function and create our own cleanse function. In order to create such a function, we need to use the Graph Cleanse Function. Using Graph Cleanse function we can achieve IF-ELSE or CASE statement scenarios. 

Q5: Have you created a custom Java Cleanse function? If yes, what was use case?

Answer: Informatica MDM hub comes with inbuilt cleanse function. We can build custom complex function by combining these inbuilt functions to cleanse and standardize the business data. There are some business cases where inbuilt cleanse function or custom complex cleanse function does not satisfy business needs.  In such cases, we need to create custom Java Cleanse functions. Informatica MDM provides Java framework to create custom Java cleanse function.

Business use case: Determining the geocode of the given address.
Assume that your business would like to determine the geocode of the given physical address. We have two options here:
a) Buy address doctor license from Informatica and populate co-ordinates for address
b) Build custom logic using Google Geocoding API (Free) with no extra license money

If we choose option b) where we no need to pay for determining Geocoding of address. In order to implement such custom logic, we need to write custom Java cleanse function.

The video below provides a detailed explanation about how to build custom Java Cleanse function.

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