Tuesday, August 9, 2022

What are top cloud data warehouses ?

            Are you looking for the top cloud data warehouses in the current market? Are you interested in knowing which cloud data warehouse is the preferred one? If so, then you reached the right place. Let's discuss top cloud data warehouses.

A] What is a cloud data warehouses?

            A database stored as managed service and provided as software-as-a-service (i.e SaaS) to perform analytics and business intelligence operations in a public cloud is called a cloud data warehouses.

            In some cases these can be private cloud provider services.

B] What are the cloud data warehouses? 

             Following are the currently available top cloud Data warehouses -

           1. Azure Synapse Analytics 

           2. Amazon Redshift 

           3. Google BigQuery

           4. Azure SQL database 

           5. Snowflake

           6. Azure Cosmos DB+

C] Which could Data Warehouse should we use?

    The use of Cloud Data  Warehouse depends on the business use case. However, currently, Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse is commonly used due to the ease and performance it provides compared to other Cloud Datawarehouse.

Learn more about Snowflake Cloud Datawarehouse here.

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