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How does secure data sharing work in snowflake ?

               Are you looking for the details about how data sharing works in snowflake? Are you also interested in knowing what are things we can share in snowflake? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will explore data sharing in Snowflake. Let's start.

A] What are the database objects we can share?

              The following snowflake database objects can be shared -

              a) External tables 

              b) Tables 

              c) Secure views 

              d) Secure UDFs

              e) Secure materialized views

             The objects which are shared are in Read-only. i.e we cannot add, update or delete data or objects.

B] How does secure data sharing work? 

             Secure data sharing is a feature of snowflake using which data is shared with consuming systems.

            Following are important points about secure data sharing.

           1. No actual data is copied or transferred

           2. Sharing achieved using snowflake unique services layer and metadata store 

           3. No storage is needed on the consumer side

           4. No monthly charges to the consumer for storage 

           5. Consumers need to pay for  executing queries i.e for using compute resources 

       How does Data Sharing work in Snowflake? 

           a) Secure data share comes with the provider and consumer concepts.

           b) Provider creates a shared database and grants access to specific objects in the database 

           c) Provider has capabilities to share from multiple databases if these databases are from the same account 

          d) The read-only database is created on the consumer side from the share. Access to this database is configurable using standard role-based access control.

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