Monday, February 3, 2020

Informatica MDM - Important SQL Query: How to pull all the records from HMRG Table

There are some business use cases during which you may need to analyze data from the HMRG table i.e. History of Merge. Assume that you know the match rule number and Match rule set name then you can use the query below to pull records specific to match rule number from HMRG table.

select * from cmx_ors.c_bo_party_hmrg where rowid_match_rule in
(select rowid_match_rule from cmx_ors.c_repos_match_rule where rowid_match_set in (
select rowid_match_set from cmx_ors.c_repos_match_set where match_set_name='ORG_IDL') and rule_no=1

In this query,
rule_no=1 is a rule number from MDM hub for which we are looking for information
match_set_name='ORG_IDL' is a match set name from MDM hub under which rule_no=1 is present.

The above query will result in all records which satisfy the condition. We can join the result with parent party table and fetch other business attributes as per business needs.

Informatica MDM - The differences between Subject Area based IDD Application and Entity 360 application

Are you looking for details about the differences between Subject Area based IDD Application (aka Legacy IDD Application) and Entity 360 application? Would you be interested in knowing what are the limitations of Entity 360 application? Are also interested to know what are the great features of Entity 360 application? If so, then you reached right place. In this article we will discuss the differences between Subject Area based IDD application and Entity 360 application.

IDD Data View
IDD Business Entity
Use of IDD User Exits
1.       Integral part of IDD Configuration
2.       Easy to implement customization
3.       Easy to deploy as component of IDD
4.       No separate resource configuration required, resources allocated to IDD will be used for User Exist
5.       Error handling follows MDM standard practice, no additional handling is required
6.       No additional security required as it integral part of IDD Application
No User Exit support
1.       Need to write external services (Restful or SOAP based Web Services)
2.       Required additional efforts to build and implement and deploy these external services
3.       For scalability, high availability of external services, additional dedicated servers are required
4.       Need to apply and maintenance security  as these are external services to IDD Business entity
5.       Extra error handling is required to follow MDM standard practice
6.       Extra configuration is required to call external services
7.       Dedicated resources need to be allocated to handle user requests
Fuzzy Search
Extended search functionality using MDM Match Engine to achieve fuzzy search
Elastic search uses Synonym properties file to achieve fuzzy search.
Note: We need to maintain fuzzy keywords in the Synonym file in order to Fuzzy search work.
Data Import template
IDD Data View provides feature to import data. It is very helpful tool when business would like to import bulk data in need basic. No need to create or update requires manually
Do not support Bulk import template.
Need to create or update bulk volume of data manually
Unmerge functionality
It supports both Tree unmerge and linear unmerge.
Note: During Tree unmerge unmerged unmerge records get separated from group. During linear unmerge children records of unmerged record remain associated.
Supports only Tree unmerge
Easy to integrate repots in the IDD application using Jasper Reports
Jaspersoft reports work in a Home page only if it is the only component in the Home page.
If IDD application includes workflows, we must generate the business entity schema as a requirement for Data Director to manage the workflow tasks. However, we need to migrate to business entities
The business entity schema will be generated as part of Business Entity application publish event using Provisioning Tool.
Both Entity and IDD Data Views- Hybrid mode
Informatica recommends that you the Hybrid mode only on a temporary basis
Manual Override of matched record
Manual override  of a value in the Matches view is allowed
Manual override a value in the Matching Records view is not allowed
Hierarchy View
Hierarchy relationships can be configured to show in a section to show duplicate hierarchy records.
The Hierarchy view does NOT permit the following actions:-
·         Finding a duplicate entity.
·         Initiating a merge.
·         Sharing a bookmark URL
1.       In the task inbox on the Home page, you cannot filter tasks by the creation date.
2.       When you export search results that are based on a timeline, the export process ignores the timeline and exports all data.
1.       The Cross Reference page and the Merge Preview page have pagination issues.
2.       In the search results, some rows are empty. The rows represent records that are filtered out because the user does not have permission to view the records.
3.       When a user role does not include the create and read privileges for a business entity, users with this role can still view the tasks associated with the business entity.
4.       In the History view, the timescale labels in the Options menu do not appear correctly initially.
5.       In the Hierarchy view, business entities in the Relationships tab of the history do not open in Business Entity view.
6.       In the Timeline view, you cannot open the relationship records that appear on the Relationships tab.
7.       In the Hierarchy view, in the Entity Details dialog box, when you click More Details, the dialog box closes without opening the selected business entity.
8.       In the Matching Records view, when you merge records, the system can appear unresponsive.
9.       If you delete a record and then search for the record, the ROWID of the deleted record still displays.
10.   In the History view, when you try to view an event detail, an error might occur.

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