Monday, September 2, 2019

Informatica Business Entity Services Overview

Are you looking for an article about then Informatica business entity services? Are you interested in knowing what is the business entity services? How to identify a route record in the business entity services and how to use the security and data filters? If so, then you have reached the correct place. In this article, we are going to learn business entity services and the operations involved and more details about this business entity services.

What is the business entity service? 

A business entity service is a set of operation that runs in the Informatica MDM hub in order to create , update , delete and search the records from the base object which act as a business entity. We can develop a custom user interface which can run Java code or javascript to make the business entity service call.

What are the operations involved in the business entity service?

The operations involved in the business services are - read operation, write operation and search operation.

  • By using read operation we can read a record from the business entity. 
  • By using the write operation we can write a record in the database for a business entity. 
  • One other hand by using search functionality we can use the searchable field to perform the search operation.

What are the business entity service Endpoints?

There are 4 types of business entity service endpoints.

  1. Enterprise JavaBeans Endpoint
  2. REST Endpoint 
  3. REST and EJB Endpoint
  4. SOAP Endpoint

How to identify a route record in the business entity service?

We can identify a route record in the business entity by 3 ways

  1. By using the Rowid. It is the Rowid object column value for the Base Object record
  2. By using system name and Source Key. here the system name is the name of the system from which record is coming and Source Key is PKEY_SRC_OBJECT column value
  3. By using Global Business Identifier aka GBID. If GBID is compound value then we need to pass compound column values.

How to apply security and Data filters to Business Entity Service?

The user role privileges for base object and resources are get inherited in the business entity. It also inherits any data filters that you set on business entity fields.

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