Sunday, March 21, 2021

Understanding Timeline in Informatica MDM

Timeline is one of the useful features in Informatica Master Data Management. It enables us to manage various versions of the business records. The timeline is totally different from the history of the records updates and inserts. In this article, we will focus on Timeline granularity and Timeline actions features. So let's dive in.

Timeline Granularity

In Informatica MDM, We use time measurement such as years, months, days, etc to define effective periods for versions of records. This time measurement is nothing but timeline granularity. We can define timeline granularity as a year, month, day, hour, minute, or seconds.

Timeline Action

The timeline action is nothing but an action to perform for entities for which you track data change events. We can perform add, edit actions on a record and edit effective period. 

a. Timeline action = 1 --> This value is set if we update the data
b. Timeline action = 2 --> This value is set if we update Effective Period
c. Timeline action = 4 --> This value is set if we Add Effective Period

Versioning Sequence :

The stage table column VERSION_SEQ  is set to 1 by default and gets changed based on the new update.

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