Monday, February 3, 2020

Informatica MDM - Important SQL Query: How to pull all the records from HMRG Table

There are some business use cases during which you may need to analyze data from the HMRG table i.e. History of Merge. Assume that you know the match rule number and Match rule set name then you can use the query below to pull records specific to match rule number from HMRG table.

select * from cmx_ors.c_bo_party_hmrg where rowid_match_rule in
(select rowid_match_rule from cmx_ors.c_repos_match_rule where rowid_match_set in (
select rowid_match_set from cmx_ors.c_repos_match_set where match_set_name='ORG_IDL') and rule_no=1

In this query,
rule_no=1 is a rule number from MDM hub for which we are looking for information
match_set_name='ORG_IDL' is a match set name from MDM hub under which rule_no=1 is present.

The above query will result in all records which satisfy the condition. We can join the result with parent party table and fetch other business attributes as per business needs.

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