Tuesday, June 16, 2020

What are the differences between RAC and GRID?

Are you looking for the differences in RAC and GRID system in Oracle? Are you also would like to know how RAC and GRID systems related to each other? If yes, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will see what are the differences between RAC and Grid systems.

What is RAC system?

The database system comprises the configuration of multiple servers which are combined together with clustering software or program and accessing the shared disk storage structures is known as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) system.

What is Grid System

The Grid system represents the pool of database hosts or servers, along with a pool of storage, and networks in an inter-related resource platform. Grid is used for effective workload management within the grid database.

What is the relationship between RAC and Grid systems?

The RAC is an integral part of Grid computing and RAC helps Grid computing for high availability information sharing.

What are differences between RAC and Grid?

Here is a list of the differences between RAC and Grid systems

User management in Cluster is centralized
User management in the Grid is decentralized
In Cluster, the inter-operability is VIA and it is proprietary
No standard is developed for inter-operability
Ownership is singe in case of Cluster
The multiple ownership exits in Grid
Throughput is medium
Throughput is high
The guaranteed capacity
Capacity varies for grid implementation
Centralized resource management
Decentralized resource management
Can be used with commodity computer
Can be used with commodity and high end computers
The scheduling is centralized
The scheduling is decentralized
Single system image is possible
Single system image is not possible


  1. Hello Jackie, I did not get your comment. What your are trying to ask is not clear. Will you be more specific ..

  2. Hello,

    can I ask you to be clear about this part "The RAC is an integral part of Grid computing and RAC helps Grid computing for high availability information sharing", plus from what I googled it about RAC and Grid

    it means you have to install Grid to use/apply RAC? OR you can use RAC without Grid? Thank you. I'm newbie in Oracle DBA tho :D


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