Wednesday, November 11, 2020

How to fix Error - SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId

Are you looking for how to fix an error : SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId  in the MDM hub? Are also interested in knowing what is the root cause of this error? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will focus on Elastic Search error in Informatica Master Data Management (MDM).

Error Message:

If you are running any soap request against Business Entity services which internally uses Elastic Search then may encounter an error below :

SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId

Detailed Error stack:

[ERROR] com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker: SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId [mdmsbx-CMX_ORS] because of error: Connection refused.
com.informatica.mdm.spi.cs.StepException: SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId [CMX_ORS] because of error: Connection refused.
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.steps.SearchCO.invoke(SearchCO.java:337)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.executeStep(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:426)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.processService(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:308)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.executeService(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:385)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.processService(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:312)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.process(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:187)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.CompositeServiceInvoker.invoke(CompositeServiceInvoker.java:118)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.ejb.CompositeServiceEjbBean.doProcess(CompositeServiceEjbBean.java:53)
 at com.informatica.mdm.cs.server.ejb.CompositeServiceEjbBean.process(CompositeServiceEjbBean.java:37)

How to fix this issue?

In order to fix this issue, perform the steps below -

1. Verify the MDM hub is accessible. Also, verify the connection to the process server from MDM hub -> Utilities -> Process Server

2. Verify Elastic Search server is working fine

3. If the above two steps look good then make sure the Elastic Search is properly configured in the Provisioning tool.

The location is : Provisioning Tool -> Configuration -> Infrastructure Settings  -> ESCluster

Here make sure the server name is properly configured for Elastic Search

Root cause:

The error 'SIP-52054: Failed to create collection name for orsId ' normally occurs when the Elastic Search server tries to make a connection to the MDM hub. If there is a mismatch in server ion in the Provisioning tool then we get this error.

Learn more about the provisioning tool here -

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