Tuesday, June 22, 2021

When Tokenization job gets executed in Informatica MDM?

Are you looking for the details about when the tokenization job executed in Information? Would you be interested in knowing the relationship between a match job and a tokenization job? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article we will explore the instances during which tokenization job gets triggered:

A. Why we need a tokenization process in MDM?
          Tokenization is a process that generates the token-based fuzzy match key and other match column configuration. The tokens generated are stored in the table <BO> STRP. This STRP table is used as input to match the process. The match process matches the records based on these tokens.

B. When the tokenization process executed
           The tokenization process gets triggered at various points and These are:
          1)  Manual tokenization execution
          2)  During the match process
          3)  During the load process

1) Manual tokenization job execution
       We can execute the tokenization job in Informatica MDM manually whenever it is needed. It is recommended that tokenization need to executed separately instead of in conjunction with load or match job.

2)  Tokenization process as part of match job
       If it is required to update the match token, the match process in Informatica automatically starts the match job's tokenization process. This scenario may happen if new records have been added or updated existing records.

3) Tokenization process during load job.
         If we enable the `Generate Match Tokens on Load' property on the base object then, when records loaded in the base object at that time the tokenization job will be triggered. It is not recommended to enable this property as it will adversely impact load job.

Learn more about the tokenization process here-

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