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What Account Identifier in Snowflake ?

              Are you looking for an article about what is Account Identifier in Snowflake is? Are you also interested in knowing what is the format for Account Identifier? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will also learn about Organization names and Account names.

A) What is an Account Identifier in Snowflake?

            The unique identifier which uniquely identifies the Snowflake account within a business entity and throughout the global network of snowflake is called Account Identifier.

            Here the global network of Snowflake comprises of supported cloud regions and cloud platforms.

B) What are the uses of Account Identifier?

              Following are important use cases where Account Identifier plays a vital role -

           1) Account identifier is used in URLs for accessing the Snowflake web interface.

           2) Account identifier is also used for connecting to Snowflake using drivers , snowSQL,                               connectors, and other clients. 

          3) It is also used in 3rd party applications which are part of the snowflake ecosystem.

          4) Account identifies is required for secure Data sharing, Database replications, and Failover/failback features.

          5) It is also used in interactions with external systems and securing snowflake internal operations.

C) How to identify Snowflake Account? 

             We can identify snowflake accounts using two ways -

          1) Using given name in Organization

          2)  Using snowflake assigned locator 

        for identifying accounts using names in the organization, the ORGADMIN role must be created.

D) Identifying Account using Name in Organization

            An organization is the first-class snowflake object and it is linked to the accounts owned by the business entity. The organization provides capabilities to administrators i.e users with ORGADMIN roles to create, view, and manage all accounts across different regions and cloud platforms.

          Important points : 

             1) Account name must be unique within the organization.

            2) Account name is not unique across organizations

            3) Account names with underscores also have dashed versions.   

     Account name as Account identifier format -

            1) <organization _name > - <account _name>

            2) <organization _name> _ <Account_name>

            3) <organization_name> . <Account_name>

    Let's understand more about organization Name and Account Name -

a) Organization Name: It is the name chosen by the customer 

        * Organization name must be unique across all snowflake organizations.

        * It can contain uppercase letters 

        * It can contain letters 

        * It should not contain underscore or any other special characters 

       * The organization name can be changed but has more complications.

b) Account Name: It is the name created by the customer.

       * Account Name must be unique in an organization

       * Account Name is not unique across snowflake organizations.

E) Identifying Account using Account locator in Region 

             The account locator is an identifier snowflake assigns at the time of account creation.

             Customers can provide specific value to the account locater if it is created through a service representative else it will generate with random strings.

            As each snowflake account is hosted on cloud platform in specific region , the account locator requires region id and cloud platform provider details in order to identify account using Account locator 

           Format using Account locator is 

        1) <account _locator> . <region_id>      or 

       2) <account_locator> . <region_id> . <cloud>

       Learn more about snowflake here 




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