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What are the steps in implementing Persistent Identifier Module in Multidomain MDM?

 Are you looking list of tasks that are needed to implement the Persistent  Identifier Module in Multidomain MDM? Would you be interested in knowing what considerations need to be taken into consideration while implementing the Persistent  Identifier Module in Multidomain MDM? If yes, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will understand all the necessary steps which are needed to implement the Persistent  Identifier Module in Multidomain MDM.

1. Identify or create the column to hold the persistent ID.

  • The column must be of a data type that can uniquely identify a record.
  • The column must be created on the base object table.

2. Create the configuration and log tables.

  • The configuration table stores the settings for the Persistent Identifier Module.
  • The log table stores the history of changes to the persistent IDs.

3. Register the unique ID column.

  • This step is required for some databases.
  • The registration process creates a unique identifier for the column.

4. Create user exit implementations.

  • The user exits are used to invoke the Persistent Identifier Module.
  • There are two user exits: PostLoad and PostMerge.

5. Compile and export the user exit JAR file.

  • The JAR file must be deployed to the MDM Hub server.

6. Configure the Hub Server and Process Server logging.

  • This step is required to troubleshoot any problems with the Persistent Identifier Module.

7. Test the Persistent Identifier Module.

  • This step ensures that the module is working correctly.

8. Deploy the Persistent Identifier Module to production.

  • Once the module is tested and working correctly, it can be deployed to production.

Here are some additional considerations when implementing the Persistent Identifier Module:

  • The Persistent Identifier Module should be used in conjunction with a unique identifier strategy.
  • The module should be configured to use the appropriate survivorship rules.
  • The log table should be monitored for any errors.

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