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Informatica MDM - SaaS - IDMC - Address Verifier Reference Data for Postal Verification

 Address reference data serves as an authoritative source for postal addresses within a country. In many instances, this data includes comprehensive details for every postal address in a country. When using a Verifier transformation in mapping processes, input address data is compared against these reference files to ensure accuracy.

How the Verification Process Works

The verification process involves the following steps:

  1. Comparison: Each element of the input address is individually and collectively compared against the reference data to confirm it matches a single, deliverable address.
  2. Results: The mapping results provide verified or corrected addresses along with any additional requested information.

Key Guidelines for Address Reference Data

Here are essential rules and guidelines to manage and use address reference data effectively:

  • File Download: The Secure Agent automatically downloads the current versions of the required files. If a current version already exists on the host machine, it won't be downloaded again.
  • File Verification: During downloads, hash files are also downloaded. These hash files are used to verify the reference data's current status during mapping operations.
  • File Integrity: Reference data files and hash files are read-only. They should not be moved or deleted.
  • Storage Location: The default storage location for these files is [Informatica_root_directory]/avdata. This location can be reviewed or updated in the Administrator service. If changed, the data is downloaded to the new location during the next mapping run.
  • Disk Space: Ensure ample disk space for these files. The required space varies based on the countries and number of files. A complete set of global reference data files needs approximately 18 GB of disk space.
  • Download Time: Large volumes of reference data might extend download times.
  • Licensing: Reference data files require a valid license. The verifier accesses license information from license files specified as a data property on the Secure Agent.
  • Geographical Restrictions:

    Address reference data enabling certified verification for United States addresses is licensed exclusively for use within the United States.

By adhering to these guidelines, the verification process ensures that address data is accurate, up-to-date, and complies with licensing requirements, thus facilitating efficient and reliable postal address management.

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