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What is Landing table, Staging table and Base Object table in Informatica MDM?

 In Informatica Master Data Management (MDM), the concepts of landing tables, staging tables, and Base Object tables are integral to the data integration and management process. Here's an overview of each:

  1. Landing Table:

    • The landing table is the initial point where raw data from various source systems is loaded.
    • It acts as a temporary storage area where data is brought in without any transformations or validation.
    • The data in the landing table is usually in the same format as it was in the source system.
    • It allows for an easy inspection and validation of incoming data before it moves further in the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process.
  2. Staging Table:

    • The staging table is used for data processing, transformation, and validation.
    • Data is loaded from the landing table to the staging table, where it is cleaned, standardized, and prepared for loading into the Base Object table.
    • This step may involve deduplication, data quality checks, and application of business rules.
    • Staging tables ensure that only high-quality and standardized data proceeds to the Base Object table.
  3. Base Object Table:

    • The Base Object table is the core table in Informatica MDM where the consolidated and master version of the data is stored.
    • It represents the golden record or the single source of truth for a particular business entity (e.g., customer, product, supplier).
    • The data in the Base Object table is typically enriched and merged from multiple source systems, providing a complete and accurate view of the entity.
    • Base Object tables support further MDM functionalities such as match and merge, hierarchy management, and data governance.

In summary, the flow of data in Informatica MDM typically follows this sequence: Landing Table → Staging Table → Base Object Table. This process ensures that raw data is transformed and validated before becoming part of the master data repository, thereby maintaining data integrity and quality.

Learn more about Tables in Informatica Master Data Management here

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