Tuesday, April 27, 2021

How to define chargeback model for snowflake ?

 Are you planning to implement snowflake and interested in knowing about how to plan your snowflake expenses ? Are you also would like to know what are the expenses occurs for snowflake implementation? If so,then you reached right place. In this article we will see what is snowflake chargeback model, what are the snowflake components where expenses occurs and how to plan those.so Let's start 

What is snowflake chargeback model?

snowflake operates with a flexible pay-as-you-go model. For traditional data solution we have initial fixed cost and later adds with service and maintains cost . Here snowflake gives flexibility to increase or decrease the cost based on usage. what we have to do is , just create an account and start using it . However , if we do not plan properly the snowflake bill will go high.

Factors to consider about pay 

a) How to Pay : We  have to decide in advance about paying snowflake credits. We need to decide whether each project will pay for usage or enterprise level payment.

b) Snowflake discount : Snowflake provides discount on the volume of purchased credit so consider making consolidated purchase.

Snowflake component with expenses?

Here is list of Snowflake components which produces expenses -

1. Warehouse

2. Snowflake

3. Materialized views

4. Cloud services

5. Data transfers

6. Storage

How to reduce snowflake expenses?

a) Very first thing to consider for reducing snowflake expenses is minimize the usage across enterprise i.e use only much you need

b) Plan for all potential expenses from each of the snowflake components

c) Track snowflake expenses to determine how much consumption has occurred & how to charge it.

d) Create naming convention for database objects which will help to identify owner and associate budget .

e) Maintain the snowflake expenses tracking

Learn more about snowflake here -

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