Saturday, May 1, 2021

Things to consider while configuring snowflake account - Part I

Are you planning to use snowflake in your project? Are you interested in knowing all things you need to consider while configuring a snowflake account? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will focus on five important factors for snowflake Configuration. This is part I of the article.


With the snowflake chargeback model, you can quickly shorten your project but we have to consider several factors before starting configuring and using the snowflake account. Let's understand these factors one by one 

Factors to consider:-

These five important factors that need to consider for the snowflake account and are

1. Data Retention

2. Timezone

3. Security

4. Connection Performance

5. Cost Savings

          In this article, we will focus on Data Retention and Timezone. We will learn more about the remaining factors in Things to consider while configuring snowflake account-part 2

A] Data Retention 

     What is data retention? It is the time for which snowflake will retain a historical view of the data.

a) Important Points -

          • For cost-saving, we can set value for each  database. for non-production data set it to fewer days

          • For development environment one day is adequate 

          • The default data retention time is one day

          • For enterprise production environment we can set it to go days so that we can traverse data for a longer duration

b) Parameter


B] Timezone 

         The time-related values are presented with the timezone in the Snowflake configuration.

a) Important Points -

         •- The default timezone is Los Angeles.

         •- We can change timezone based on our needs

         •- As normal practice companies set the value to if companies presence is across the globe.

         •- Set timezone same at on account level and at the user level.

         •-  Provide time-related values with timezone to consuming systems.


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