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Important Informatica MDM Interview Questions and Answers - Part I

Are you preparing for Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) interview? Are you also planning to learn MDM concepts? Would you like to know how to prepare for Informatica MDM interview? If yes, then refer to this article which provides detailed information about questions asked during MDM interview. This article also provides details about the reason behind asking the interview questions. Good luck to your interview!

Q 1: Explain your Informatica MDM experience related to MDM Hub configuration, User Exits, IDD and SIF.

As the start of the interview, the interviewer may like to know more about your experience and will ask this question. This common question normally asked in every MDM interview.

You can start with explaining, how started your MDM career and then provide experience in each of MDM components such as MDM hub configuration, User Exits, IDD and SIF. If you do not have experience in any of the module or if you have the basic idea about it then mention it accordingly. The sample answer is as below -
I have more than 5 years of Informatica MDM experience. I worked on configuring MDM hub for landing, staging and base object tables. I have a great experience in configuring stage table properties such as delta detection, base object properties. I worked on the configuration of the match and merge rules. I worked extensively on the match and merge job tuning. I have worked on Informatica Data Director configuration tool to create IDD app for data stewards. I also have Core Java knowledge using which developed IDD and MDM hub User Exits to achieve business requirements. In these User Exits, I have used SIF API to connect MDM hub and fetch as well update records in the MDM tables.
Important!  The interviewer may ask questions based on your answer to this introductory question.

Q 2: How many sources were present in your last project and what are those?

This question is normally followed with several questions which depend on the number of sources configured. So provide the number of source systems which you configured in the project. Also, provide the name of source systems and what kind of data contributed by each source system. The source system names such as SALES, CRM, HCM etc.

Q 3: How many landing, staging and BO tables were present in your last project?

In order to answer this question, you can provide below details -
The number of landing, staging and BO tables depends on
a) Data model design
b) Number of Source systems configured
You can also mention the number of staging tables multiple of the source system. e.g. if the number of BO tables are 10 and the number of source systems are 3 then the total number of staging tables are  = 10 * 3 = 30.

So, if the number of Source systems = 3
The number of landing tables configured = 10
The number of BO tables configured = 10
The number of Staging tables configured = 30 ( 10 * 3)

Learn more: About the landing and staging tables.

Q 4: What are the processes involved in the Informatica MDM?

Informatica MDM involves the various processes to process data from sources. The processes involved in Informatica MDM are
a. Landing: The data is pulled from the source system and pushed in the MDM landing tables.
b. Staging: The landing table data is standardized, cleansed and pushed to the MDM Staging tables.
c. Load: The data from the staging table is loaded to BO table.
d. Tokenization: If we configure fuzzy match rules then in order to generate match tokens, the tokenization process is used.
e. Match: The match process is used to match the records
f. Merge or Consolidation: The matched records are consolidated during merge process.

Read more: Click here to learn about Batch Groups in Informatica MDM

Q 5: What is the stage process and what is its significance?

The stage process transfers source data to the staging table. 
  • The job uses stage mapping between the landing table and the staging table. 
  • The data standardization and cleansing is performed during the stage process. 
  • If required database lookup can be achieved during stage job.

You can learn more about stage and load jobs here:

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