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What are the features of Python Programming

Are you interested to know what are the features of the Python language? Would you like to start programming in Python and would be interested in knowing more about Python? If so, then you reached the right place. This article provides detailed information about the advantages of Python Programming.

Python Advantages:

  • Easy to learn
  • Object Oriented Programm
  • Portable (Cross-platform)
  • Expressive (Understandable and Readable)
  • Interpreted
  • GUI Programming
  • Free and Open source

1. Easy to learn:

Python is easy to learn compared to other programming languages such as Java, .NET or C++.  Python programming syntax is simple and easy to read and write. The concepts such as function, structures, expression can be easily understood by the beginner with ease. No exhaustive list of software is required to learn and work on Python programming. A simple editor such as notepad or development IDE such as PyCharm is enough to start with Python. If you are first time learning any programming language then Python is the best language to start with. Along with its simplicity, Python is also a very strong and robust language which can be used to developing enterprise applications.

2. Object Oriented Programming

Python is Object Oriented language. i.e. all features of Object Oriented programming such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and polymorphism are supported in Python. In Python class acts as the blueprint and it will be model for the objects. Every real-time entity such as human being, trees, non-living things can be represented as the object.
e.g. In the example below, the class for 'Cat' is presented using Python language.

class Cat:

    def __init__(self, cat_name, cat_age):  
        self.cat_name cat_name
        self.cat_age cat_age

3. Portable (Cross-Platform)

Python is a portable language. It is also known as cross-platform language. It means we can run the same program on different Operating Systems such as Windows or Mac or Unix as long as we have Python interpreter installed on these operating systems. We do not need to write program specific to any operating system. However, we need to keep in mind that there are some features which are dependent on the Operating System. Such features need to be handled properly if your program is going to run on multiple systems. 

4. Understandable and Readable

The breadth of ideas that can be represented and communicated using the Python language is quite better than other programming languages. There are some features in the Python language using which we can build the business functionalities extensively. These extensive features may not feasible in other languages. Programming in the Python language is easily understandable and readable which help us to build better and extensive programming functionalities. Hence, the Python language is expressive and it is one of the great features.

5. Interpreted language

Python is interpreted language. The source code in Python is executed line by line, unlike Java language where the complete code is compiled first and then it is executed. Python using an interpreter to interpret Python code. The interpreter converts Python source code to bytecode which operating system can understand and execute step by step.

6. GUI Programming

Python provides GUI programming framework by using which we can develop user interfaces. The framework TkInter can be used to build the user interface for Python. 

7. Free and Open Source

Python software is open source and it is freely available. No additional cost is required for the licensing. Python software and custom modules are freely available for download over the internet. The Python module communities provide a good number of Python useful utilities in the form of Python modules.

The video below provides detailed information about Python language -

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