Wednesday, July 7, 2021

How to achieve better stage job performance in Informatica MDM

      Are you working on MDM and want to understand its different fields, then this is the right place in this article we are going to know about what are the product recommendation, thread setting properties, and database recommendations of MDM stage job performance

 A. Thread setting for MDM Stage Job Performance

       In this article, we will see what are the different reasons for issues and their solutions regarding stage job performance.

     1) Post/ Pre Stage UE

          The reason for this issue is it we are going to write the query regarding inserting or updating and record, it will create locks and because of this it slows down the performance to avoid this there is a need to put logger statement in UE  code. If doable rerun the jobs by removing the UE code.

     2) Cleanse Function 

            Each in every record will have to go through a cleansing process so here need to check that if any cleanse function is taking more time to process.

           Depends on which type of cleanse function you are using there is a need to check network latency also we need to check of IDQ  end.

     3) Directory 

            The main reason for the directory issue is having a shared directory within 2 different instances of the process server.

           To avoid file locks each process should have its own directory.

     4) Tables  

            The system will reduce the performance if the tables like RAW, REJ, C_REPOS_JOB_CONTROL table contain a huge amount of data.

           We can keep the important data and archive old data. 

   5) Log level

           We will have to keep the logging level to INFO.

B. Thread setting for MDM Stage Job Performance

          The configuration that can be updated :

       1) Threads for cleanse operation (HUB Console)

          Max value = ( Number of CPU cores -1 )

        2) In cmxcleanse properties


            Default size is 1000

        3) com.informatica.mdm.batchcontroller.Batchjob.min_rec_for_multithreading

            The default size is 1000. We can decrease the size if multithreading is enabled and no. of records are lesser than 1000.

C. DB Recommendations for MDM Stage Job Performance.

        1) collect AWR reports.

        2) For the DB performance, collect TESTIO results

D. Appserver Recommendation for MDM Stage Job Performance

        1) when we run the processing server and DB server jobs, check that the CPU is going high.

        2) Have to check basic java arguments such as - xmx value.



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