Thursday, July 8, 2021

What is Active VOS Central , Active Console and Active VOS Process designer ?

     Are you looking for details about Active VOS Central, Active VOS Console, and Active VOS designer? Are you also would like to know what is process designer? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we explore these tools.

A) Active VOS Central

      Active VOS Central aka process central is used by business users. The business user uses process central to work on tasks such as approving or rejecting the requests. Once tasks are generated by automated business process engines, those will be queued to pool for business users. The request form can be submitted to start an automated business process.

        We can perform the following actions in Active VOS Central -

         a) View Task 

         b) Claim Task 

         c) Approve Or Reject Task

         d) Provide Comments

         e) Attach Files 

         f) Refresh Task

         g) View Task history

         h) Assign Tasks to other users  

B) Active VOS Console

       The Active VOS Console is used by an administrator to monitor & Fix processes related to the task. The administrator can also perform actions such as deployment of workflows, test user connectivity, configure URN mapping, delete or schedule faulted tasks, Fix any active VOS related issues using Active VOS Console.

       The Active VOS Console is a thin client application that can be accessed using the browser.

C) Active VOS Designer

       Active VOS designer is also known as process designer. Process designer is used by developers to create a new business workflow. It can be also used to update or customize existing workflow. Process designer contains drag & drop components for easy development and least programming. However, it extensively uses expression language.

       Active VOS central, Active VOS Console, and Active VOS designer are part of the Informatica Product suit. Learn more about Active VOS - here

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