Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Top 10 things you need to know before implementing Informatica MDM?

           Are you planning to implement Informatica Master Data Management aka MDM? Are you not sure what are the things you need to consider before considering MDM solution? If so, then you reached the right place. In this article, we will see the top 10 things which you need to know before implementing Informatica Master Data management in your organization. 

 1.Data Quality Measurement 
            You need to know how you are currently measuring data quality not only in a single project but also across the enterprise. This will give you two benefits one, you will know better options for quality of data measurement, and second, a baseline to measure the quality of data after MDM implementation.

 2.MDM and Data Quality
              Is there a relationship between master Data management and Data Quality? Can MDM help in improving data quality? The answer is Yes. However MDM and Data Quality are two distinct processes in any organization. You need to know what is the relationship between Master Data Management and Data Quality.

 3.Returns of Improved data quality?
               We initiative various projects for improvement in the processes and to achieve better results on Investment. You need to know what is the return you will be getting after improving data quality.

 4.Data Governance 
              Data governance is a crucial part of the business. Are you aware of how is data governance is implemented in your enterprise? You need to have proper data governance to get optimum benefits from MDM implementation.

 5.Data for business strategy 
               It is not new that this Era of data. We are in data 4.0 where the majority of the businesses are data-driven. You need to plan your business strategies based on data that is of great quality and well maintained.

 6.Data enrichment
               Why do you need data enrichment? One may ask this question. The answer is to make better decisions and recommendations we need to take important steps towards data enrichment.

 7.Privacy regulations 
               These rules and regulations we need to follow a business. We need to be fully aware of those rules and regulations and consider those implementing any MDM solutions.

 8.Customer satisfaction 
                Is your customer satisfied with your services? What are your customer's preferences and how are you managing these? How are addressing your customer's concerns and feedback? These are important questions you need to answer so that you improve those with MDM.

 9.Risk measurement and assessment 
                Informatica MDM defiantly plays a vital role in risk assessment and measurement. However, you need to know your current solutions and look for better opportunities to improve those.

 10.Future Perspective
             While implementing Informatica MDM, you need to look for long-term benefits instead of short-term MDM with great benefits for the long run.

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