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What are the log Files in Informatica MDM ?

        Are you trying to analyze the issue in Informatica MDM? Are you looking for the details of the log files which are generated during various Processes in the Informatica MDM? This article will explore more about the log files, their locations, and when to use those.

A) Introduction

         Informatica MDM has various components such as application server, database, business process management tool, Application user interface such as Entity 360 or customer 360. Each of these components generates logs throughout its processing.

         Here we will understand various types of log files and these are

         1. Hub server logs

         2. Process or cleanse server logs

         3. E360 logs

         4. Provisioning logs

         5. Post Installation logs

         6. Elastic search logs

         7. Application server logs

         8. Database logs

1. Hub server logs

         Informatica MDM has two core components: hub server and process server earlier it was called cleanse server. The hub server is used to initiate the jobs, managing and controlling the threads in short hub server is master component in Informatica. The logs are generated when we access the Administration section of the MDM hub. Especially when we validate the ORS . These logs are captured in Hub server logs.

          Location :- <Informatica MDM install folder>/hub|server|log


2. Process server logs

           When we execute the jobs such as Stage, load, tokenization, match and merge jobs, the logs are captured in the process server logs.

            Location :- <Informatica MDM install folder>/hub|Cleanse/logs

             e.g . /abc/hub|cleanse/logs|cmxcleanse.log

3. E360 logs

              We can configure the user Interface using the provisioning tool. The User Interface is called Entity 360 application. When we access the application the logs are generated.

              Location:- <Informatica MDM install folder>/hub|server|logs 

              e.g. /abc/hub|server|logs|entity360view.log

4. Provisioning logs

             We use provisioning to configure business entities, transformations, views, tasks, and E360 applications. When we use the provisioning tool the logs are generated and stored below location.

             Location :- < Informatica MDM install folder>/hub|server/logs 

             e.g. /abc/hub|server|logs|provisioning.logs

5. Post Install logs

               The post-install logs are generated when we install Informatica MDM as well as when we apply EBF or upgrade.

               Location :- <Informatica MDM install folder>/hub|server|logs

              e.g. /abc/hub|server|logs|postInstallSetup.log

6. Elastic search logs

                If you are using Elastic search in your Informatica MDM then you may need to use Elastic search logs.

                Location:- <Elastic search folder>/logs 

                e.g. /aqr|logs|elastic search.log

7. Application server logs

                Application server logs are located as below

                a) Jboss

                 <Jboss home>/standalone/log/server.log

                  b) Weblogic

                   < Weblogic home >/domains/domain name/servers/server name/log/abc.out

                  c) websphere

                   <websphere home>/Appserver/profiles/profile name/logs/server name/systemout.log

8. Database logs

                  Database logs are not directly accessible. You need to reach out to your DBA to get database logs.

           Learn more about Informatica MDM here


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