Friday, August 20, 2021

What is difference between 'Remove from match list ' and 'Not a match' in IDD ?

             Are you looking for an article on Informatica Data Director which explains what is the difference between 'Remove from match list' and 'Not a match' options which are available in IDD application in Informatica Master Data Management? If so, then you reached the right place. Let's understand these two options here.

A) What is the match process?

                Informatica MDM comes with a process named match process. With help of this process, we can determine potential matching records. In other words, we can remove duplicate records from the system. Informatica Data Director application uses a match engine that comes with MDM in order to achieve it.

                   IDD application uses a match engine at the time of processing manual match records as well as at the time of creating a new record. This requires some specific to be mode using IDD configuration manager.

B) Where in the IDD application we can find the match feature?

                IDD application is used by data stewards or business users to manage the data. In order to manage the data, records need to be first searched and then opened. Once the record is opened we can see data, Xref, timeline, history, and match sections. The match section shows potential matching consolidate to the given record.

C)  Difference between ' Remove from match list ' and ' Not a match' in IDD

                  As discussed in the earlier section, potential matching records are available in the match section. If uses are working on a manual merge queue using this match section the users either can merge the record or can perform one of the below actions on the merge task.

                  1. Remove from match list

                  2. Not a match

                 The remove from match list removes the record from the match view in the IDD application. If the user logins again the record will be shown again on the screen.

              On the other hand, if the user selects the ' Not a match ' action then the matching entry will be deleted from match table. The record will not be shown in the IDD view anymore. This will also delete the merge task.

              Learn more about the merge process here -


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