Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How to delete records in Informatica MDM using SIF API

In this article we will learn about the process for deleting records in Ithe nformatica MDM Hub.


1.       In order to delete records we need to have SOAP UI installed in our system.
2.       Database client such as SQL Developer in order to verify records
3.       Server logs access in order to analyze logs in case any issue occurs

Sample Request:

Below is a sample request which can be used to delete record/records in the XREF and BO tables.

You can download the XML Request here.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:urn="urn:siperian.api">

Details about request:

Below are the components available in this request:
  • TableName : Base Object table name
  •  SourceTableName:  Name of the table that contains the list of cross-reference records to delete. This table should contain at least the ROWID_XREF column or the (PKEY_SRC_OBJECT and ROWID_SYSTEM columns)
  •  Cascading: Set to true to run a cascading batch delete
  • OverrideHistory:   
o   Determines if the MDM Hub records the activity performed by the batch delete in the history tables.
o   Set to true to record the history of the deleted records in the history table.
o   Set to false to ignore the value of PurgeHistory and to write the last state of the data into the history tables when the record is deleted.
  • ·         PurgeHistory:

o   Determines if the MDM Hub deletes all non-merge history records related to the deleted cross-reference record.
o   The deleted history records cannot be retrieved.
o   Set to true to delete the history records.
o   Set to false to retain the history records.

Thevideo below provides detailed information on how to delete records using the SOAP UI tool.


  1. How we can soft delete records in MDM? As in what is we just have to make the records INACTIVE.

  2. You can use HUB_STATE_IND column to soft delete the records

  3. By using this way can we delete RECORDS from the parent and all the child tables as well.
    Ex : C_PARTY,C_PERSON,C_ADDRESS. Am assuming if I mention CASCADING to true it will delete data from the parent and child tables. Please let me know.


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