Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What are the MDM Best Practices for Working With Batch Jobs?

In this article we will see different Informatica MDM Best Practices for Batch Jobs. This article gives  the overall idea about various points to be taken into account while running Batch Jobs such as Stage Jobs, Load Jobs, Match Jobs, Merge Jobs.

  1. Schema : The very first point is to create the proper schema as per the business requirement. The schema is very important for any activity in Informatica MDM Hub. If the schema is not present then there is nothing to do with any batch job.
  2. Parallel Processes : In order to avoid issues with the MDM Hub related to the processes, limit the number of parallel processes. If more parallel processes are created then it will lead to insufficiency in the resources. 
  3. Mappings in the Stage Jobs : Define mapping first before running stage jobs. Mappings are used to perform the transformation of data in the stage tables.
  4. Match Rules : Define the match rules before running the Match Jobs. If no match rules are set then there will not be match records found after the Match Job is run.
  5. Production Jobs :
  • Before running any production batch jobs, run the test with small data sets.
  • Run the individual component such as the cleanse engine component to determine whether each component is working properly or not.
  • After the individual component test is successful, integrate all the components and test the entire module with the sample data and check whether everything is working well or not.

The major points above need to be considered while running the Batch Jobs in MDM Hub.

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