Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to fix 'Could not initialize class ssa.ssaname3.jssan3cl' Error message

Are you searching for an article about how to fix the issue caused by class initialization? What is the reason for getting this error? This article provides detailed information on the root cause of the error and how to resolve it.

What is the root cause of the SSANAME3 initialization?
Informatica MDM has a process called Tokenization. During this process several repository or jar files are utilized. The files used in this process are libjssan3cl.so, libssaiok.so, libssalsn.so, libssan3tb.so, libssan3v2.so etc. If these files are not available to use then tokens will not be generated during the tokenization process. Tokens are important keys for the matching process. So, during the start of the tokenization process, first check whether these files are available at the required location or not. These files can be put at any location and loaded in classpath. However, these files are generally placed in the cleasne/lib location. This cleanse/lib path must be loaded in classpath. If we do not put these files in classpath then during the initialization process the error message below will appear.

[ERROR] com.siperian.mrm.match.tokenize.TokenizeWorker: caught OTHER Error
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class ssa.ssaname3.jssan3cl
at ssa.ssaname3.N3Dll.<init>(N3Dll.java:53)
at com.siperian.mrm.match.SsaBase.loadAndOpenNM3(SsaBase.java:183)
at com.siperian.mrm.match.SsaBase.<init>(SsaBase.java:56)
at com.siperian.mrm.match.tokenize.TokenizeWorker.realRun(TokenizeWorker.java:151)
at com.siperian.mrm.util.threads.MatchThread.run(MatchThread.java:78)

How to fix this SSANAME3 initialization error?
In order to fix this error perform the tasks below.
        Set these variables in the setDomainEnv.sh or setDomainEnv.bat file present under the $WL_HOME/bin directory and restart the AppServer. For other application servers, be sure to set these variables in their corresponding startup scripts.

  • ·         For Linux, add Hub/Cleanse/Lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and create an SSAPR Environment Variable.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH = <Hub_Cleanse_Install_Directory>/lib
SSAPR = <Hub_Cleanse_Installation_Directory>/resources
  • For Windows, add Hub/Cleanse/Lib to the PATH variable and create an SSAPR Environment Variable.
PATH = <Hub_Cleanse_Install_Directory>/lib
SSAPR = <Hub_Cleanse_Installation_Directory>/resources

The video below explains the SSA Name 3 process in detail.

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