Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to handle NoSuchMethodException exception

Scenario : 
The exception - NoSuchMethodException occurs if the setter or the getter method does not present in classes created during the WSDL skeleton or the client generation.

public class ElectronicAddressRequest {
    protected List<ElectronicAddressSO> electronicAddress;

    public List<ElectronicAddressSO> getElectronicAddress() {
        if (electronicAddress == null) {
            electronicAddress = new ArrayList<ElectronicAddressSO>();
        return this.electronicAddress;

Here is what the ElectronicAddressSO class looks like below :

public class ElectronicAddressSO {

    protected String electronicAddress;
    protected String electronicAddressType;

    public String getElectronicAddress() {
        return electronicAddress;

     public void setElectronicAddress(String value) {
        this.electronicAddress = value;

     public String getElectronicAddressType() {
        return electronicAddressType;

     public void setElectronicAddressType(String value) {
        this.electronicAddressType = value;


In the above code, the setter method is not created for the ElectronicAddressRequest if you use the wsdl2j tool to create the skeleton.

Error  :

When you try to run the application you will get the error below.

weblogic.wsee.jaxws.framework.policy.advertisementimpl.AdvertisementHelperImpl registerExtension
WARNING: Registering oracle.j2ee.ws.wsdl.extensions.addressing.AddressingExtensionRegistry extension failed; java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: oracle.j2ee.ws.wsdl.extensions.addressing.AddressingExtensionRegistry.registerSerializersAndTypes(com.ibm.wsdl.extensions.PopulatedExtensionRegistry)
Mar 11, 2015 12:22:12 PM weblogic.wsee.jaxws.spi.WLSServiceDelegate addWsdlDefinitionFeature
SEVERE: Failed to create WsdlDefinitionFeature for wsdl location: http://rmv-eap-spr-d11.ddc.dot.state.ma.us:57453/MARMV_MainFrame_Provider/LicenseUpdateService?wsdl, error: com.sun.xml.ws.wsdl.parser.InaccessibleWSDLException, message: 2 counts of InaccessibleWSDLException.

Solution :
In order to handle this error, add the method below in the ElectronicAddressRequest class :

public void setElectronicAddress(ElectronicAddressSO oElectronicAddressSO) {
        if (null != electronicAddress) {
        } else {
            List<ElectronicAddressSO> listContactInformation = new ArrayList<ElectronicAddressSO>();
            this.electronicAddress = listContactInformation;


  1. I use the jdk tool wsimport generate webService client code, and when I run the first line " MyService server = new MyService();" I had the same problem! But I do not understand what are ElectronicAddressRequest class and ElectronicAddressSO class mean...

    1. These are classes generated by wsimport tool as per custom definition


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