Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to Handle Informatica MDM errors?

This article helps you to understand the different errors which occur during the various executions of the MDM process. This article also gives the solutions for such errors and issues.

Error 1 : SIP-28070
Scenario :  While executing Match Job through Job Viewer you get the following error:

Executing ... failed.

Cannot execute procedure at this time.
Refresh the status of this procedure.
Check the application server log for more information.
See Informatica MDM Hub documentation for more information.

Solution : 
Check the application logs. If the error below is noticed then it means that you have not configured the cleanse server.

17:02:04,993 INFO  [stdout] (AsyncAppender-Dispatcher-Thread-10 in BATCH mode.

17:02:04,993 INFO  [stdout] (AsyncAppender-Dispatcher-Thread-102)       MATCH;  BATCH;2) Caused by: com.siperian.common.SipException: SIP-28070: No Cleanse-Match server availab
le for MATCH

In order to resolve this issue, go to the Utilities section of MDM Hub and select the Cleanse Server (in MDM 9.5 version) or the Process Server (in MDM 9.7) and configure the cleanse server.

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