Friday, August 3, 2018

Informatica Master Data Management - MDM - Quiz - 3

Q1. What statement correctly describes what the consolidation indicator is used for?

A. It indicates where the record is in the consolidation process
B. It indicates if the column appears in the informatica data director IDD
C. It indicates if the row can be merged in the informatica data director IDD
D. It indicates if the column can be used in an informatica data director IDD query.

Q2. Which statement is correct regarding security access manager SAM?

A. SAM enforces an organization’s security policy
B. SAM security applies primarily to users of third party applications
C. The hub console has its own security mechanisms to authenticate users
D. All are correct.

Q3. There must be one landing table for every base object

A. True
B. False

Q4. Which statement is true about State management Enabled Base object?

A. Trust is calculated for all records irrespective of the record state.
B. Trust is calculated only for records with ACTIVE STATE.
C. Trust calculation is ignored for records with a DELETE STATE.
D. Trust calculation is ignored both for records with DELETE state and Pending state

Q5. What does the cleanse match server process do?

A. It handles cleanse and match requests.
B. It enables the configuration of cleanse and match rules.
C. It embeds Informatica Data Quality in the MDM Hub
D. It creates Cleanse and Match Web Services.

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  1. Are these questions directly from the exam, they are way too hard?

  2. You can get correct answer when you submit the quiz.


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