Friday, August 3, 2018

Informatica Master Data Management - MDM - Quiz - 2

Q1. What does it mean if the dirty indicator for a record set to 1?

A. The record is new
B. The record has been updated and needs to be tokenized
C. The record is ready for consolidation
D. The record is in an active state

Q2. Which statement is true regarding reject records?

A. Records with values not converted in the staging table to the expected data type, will be rejected
B. The stage job will reject records with missing or invalid lookup values
C. The load job will reject records where last_update_date is in the past
D. The stage job will reject addresses with invalid zip codes

Q3. Load by ROWID bypasses the match process and directly inserts the record into the X-ref table for the designated BO

A. True
B. False

Q4. Which statement is true about master data?

A. Master data often resides in more than one database
B. Master data is often used by several different groups
C. Master data is non essential business data
D. Master data is sometimes referred to as reference data

Q5. Which are the characteristics of an immutable source system?

A. Records from the source system will be accepted as unique
B. Only one source system can be configured as an immutable sources
C. Immutable sources are also distinct systems
D. No records can be matched to it

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  1. For Immutable system records won't match with other source system records right?

  2. Immutable source records won't match with other records right?


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