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Top 10 questions about Informatica MDM - Synchronization and RecalculateBO Jobs

Would you like to know about synchronization and RecalculateBO jobs in Informatica MDM? Are you also interested in knowing about what is the difference between RecalculateBO and RecalculateBvt? If so, then this article answers all these questions and also provides highlights on the wide variety of features related to RecalculateBO.

Q1: What are the conditions under which the Synchronize Job appears in the Batch Viewer for a Base Object in MDM?
Answer: These are the conditions under which the Synchronize Job appears in the Batch Viewer:
  • Enable trust on an untrusted column 
  • No changes made to the Staging Table can cause the Synchronize job to appear. For instance, adding a column which is trusted in the Base Object to a Staging table.

Q2: What changes to Trust on a Base Object does NOT cause the Synchronize job to appear?
  • Enable trust on an untrusted column > release lock (see Synchronize job) > disable trust on same column > release lock (Synchronize no longer seen);
  • Change max trust value on a trusted column
  • Disable trust on a column
  • Enable Validation on a column
  • Disable Validation on a column

Q3: What causes the synchronize job to not become active when the Trust column is modified?
When an existing Trust column is modified by adding another Source system, the Trust does not work as expected because there are missing CTL entries for the newly added Trusted source. 

To enable the Synchronize job follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Run the SQL script UPDATE C_REPOS_COLUMN  SET  DIRTY_CTL_IND=1  WHERE  ROWID_COLUMN='<rowid_column>';
  2. After the script is commited, run the job from Console.
  3. Refresh the Console. 
Q5: What is the difference between "Recalculate_BO" and "Recalculate_BVT" in MDM? 
1) Recalculate_BO job is used when you want to run it for the entire Base Object, or a few records in the Base Object.
  • ROWID_OBJECT_TABLE parameter: Recalculates all the Base Objects identified by the ROWID_OBJECT column.
  • No ROWID_OBJECT_TABLE parameter: Recalculates all the records in a Base Object in batches of MATCH_BATCH_SIZE or one fourth of the total number of records in the table, whichever is less. 
2) Run Recalculate_BVT job is used to run it for a single record.

Q6: Which API is faster  "executeBatchRecalculateBvt SIF API" or "executeBatchRecalculateBo SIF API"? 
  • The ​executeBatchRecalculateBo API is usually faster when multiple records need to recalculate BVT. 
  • The executeBatchRecalculateBvt API is faster when a single record needs to recalculate BVT.

Q7: Is the "<BO>_VXR" table impacted when a record is changed in MDM?
Answer: Yes, when we perform DELETE, PUT, MERGE and UNMERGE tasks, Master Data Management (MDM) recalculates the Best Version Of Truth (BVT) on existing Active records. 

Q8: Is it enough to run the Synchronize job after adding trust to a new column in MDM? 
Answer: No, Synchronize job just handles correcting the <BASE_OBJECT>_CTL table. We need to run executeBatchRecalculateBo after adding trust to a column.

Q9: When should we run "Revalidate" jobs in MDM? 
  • If the validation rules are modified in the Base Object, then run the Revalidate job. 
  • We have to manually run this job from the Batch Viewer. 
  • Validation job gets enabled only when you have modified any column for validation after the initial load and before the merge job is run.

Q10: What is the behavior of the Revalidate job across MDM tables? 
  • The Revalidate Base Object will check and/or change the trust score. 
  • It only calculates the trust score according to validation rules. 
  • It will be used during the recalculate Best Version of Truth (BVT) job.
  • When recalculate BVT is run, the records in the Base Object may/may not change. It depends on the trust score during that time.
The video below provides details about Synchronization and RecalculateBO jobs in Informatica MDM?

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