Thursday, August 16, 2018

Informatica Master Data Management - MDM - Quiz - 6

Q1. Before you can configure Informatica Data Director(IDD) what must be done?

A. A valid operational reference store(ORS) has been created
B. A complete data model has been set up.
C. Master data has been loaded
D. The stage batch jobs have been completed

Q2. Enable Search by rules - match rules set property is used how ?

A. With fuzzy- match base objects only.
B. Applied to the SIF search Match request.
C. Only when the searchMatch request has a matchType parameter of 'BOTH'.
D. Cannot use any exact match columns in the rule.

Q3. Build Match Groups to remove redundant matches before consolidation.

A. True
B. False

Q4. Which of these are valid child realtionship types in IDD

A. 1:many
B. Lohgical 1:many
C. Part of
D. Part of Primary object

Q5. Which of the valid customization supported by the hub?

A. Custom sequence
B. Custom index
C. Custom Match engine
D. Custom logging procedure

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