Thursday, August 2, 2018

Informatica Master Data Management - MDM - Quiz - 1

Q1. Which of these choices are associated with base object properties?

A. Complete tokenize Ratio
B. Requeue on parent merge
C. Generate match tokens on load
D. Allow null update
E. Allow constraint to be disabled

Q2. Which are available within the enterprise manager?

A. Database log configuration
B. Environment report
C. Hub server properties
D. Message queues setting

Q3. You can adjust the match weight for a fuzzy match column

A. True
B. False

Q4. Which of the following hub components can be promoted using metadata manager?

A. The cleanse function
B. Packages using custom queries
C. Message queues
D. Custom index

Q5. In regards to the match purpose which statement is not correct?

A. Match purpose defines the primary goal behind a match rule
B. Each match purpose supports a combination of mandatory and optional fields
C. Both family and wide family are valid for match purpose
D. House hold and wide household are valid for match purpose

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